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Sleepless Nights

Todd Lites-the famous American Director invites all visitors and fans of horror movies to immerse yourself in a familiar and pleasant atmosphere of fear. Night of suffering, a world where full of blood. The film represents as many as seven stories about otchanii, madness, attraction-the real world the horrors of which you have never seen now on your screens.

3.4 9

The Big Sick

In process of development of the relations the loving couple should face the cultural distinctions.

7.6 95350

Girls Trip

Four best friends go to an annual festival to New Orleans. Not only dances, binge, flirtation and adventures wait for girls; masks will be thrown off, the wild parties — are revealed.

6.2 26726

The Snowman

For many years in day when the first snow drops out, married women completely disappear. To put all parts of a mysterious puzzle in power only to the famous detective. He has lost rest and a dream, time of the following snowfall inevitably comes.

5.1 42741

Battle of the Sexes

Rivalry history between the 55-year-old champion of Wimbledon Bobbie Riggs and the 29-year-old tennis-player Billey Jean King. The legendary match which has taken place in 1973 has brought together more than 50 million Americans near screens and has proved that professional sportswomen are capable to compete with male colleagues as equals.

6.7 37943

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

The talented heart surgeon Stephen leads happy life with the wife Anna and two charming children. This family idyll is threatened by the ghost from the past of which Stephen has more to hide not in power.

7.0 74575

Roman J. Israel, Esq.

History of the skilled lawyer idealist with a firm grasp, Roman J. Izrael. The series of events force the hero to take the extreme measures contradicting his professional and moral principles.

6.4 19595

The Gracefield Incident

Three couples spend days off in Greysfilda in a comfortable lodge in the wood — have fun, have a rest. Suddenly nearby in the wood the meteorite falls. Of course they go to look at him and to touch such rarity, without suspecting that fun absolutely of other sort will begin soon.

4.1 1695


The group of beach rescuers works at the coast of the Pacific Ocean. They always are on the post and protect vacationers from accidents on water. The main character, the skilled rescuer Mitch Byyukennon, and his young colleague Matt Brody accidentally learn that their beach is under the threat of disappearance. The owner of pathos night club, in combination local "drug baron", tries to appropriate the coast. The young woman buys up all real estate, without shunning intimidations and murders of owners of the land plots.

5.6 119847

The Zookeeper's Wife

Real story of a brave feat of inspectors of the Warsaw zoo Yang and Antonina Zhabinskikh who have harbored and kept life more than to 300 Jews during the II World war. The daily risk and danger are complicated for Zhabinskikh by relationship with the former friend of the family, and nowadays high-ranking Nazi official Lutz Hek in love with Antonina.

7.0 28199

Shot Caller

The fatal accident, the deadly tragedy, and all his life flies under a slope … Having appeared behind bars, it has to learn to live under new laws. You have to become the fighter, the authority or it will be the victim. What price should be paid to survive in this hell from which there is no road back?.

7.3 51895

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Young Artur lives on Londinium's boondocks together with the gang. He also didn't know about the royal origin until once Eskalibur has taken a sword in hand. The sword begins to change Artur. As a result he joins resistance and the mysterious young girl by the name of Gvinevra. He should learn to understand magic weapon which he has seized, to face own demons and to unite the people in fight against the dictator Vortigern who has killed his parents and taken control of a crown.

6.8 157298

The Dinner

One evening at restaurant. Two families at a table: future prime minister Stan Loman and his brother Paul with wives. The refined dinner turns into the battlefield, and the fate of their children — into a change. How far the father is capable to come to protect the son who has committed a crime?

4.5 5969

The Space Between Us

Interplanetary love story of the terrestrial girl and Gardner Elliot who has grown up in experimental colony on Mars. Their novel has begun on the Internet, and now Elliot flies to Earth to meet the beloved …

6.4 37175


History of the senior pupil who is forced to hide the pregnancy from family, friends and the school management.

3.6 173

John Wick: Chapter 2

When the former colleague Jonah decides to take mysterious guild of murderers under the control, Wick is forced to leave resignation. John conducted by a bloody oath goes to Rome where he should battle against one of the most dangerous killers in the world.

7.5 246459

Extraordinary Mission

The courage accompanies men of courage, the pursuing noble intentions. The skilled detective for certain knows how to overcome the smart leader of cartel. The expert studies habits of the main opponent, tries to adapt to his motivation to get on ill-fated Wednesday. The clever man doesn't fear mistakes, refuses to adjoin to criminal structures passive. The "Extraordinary mission" started by the field investigator is flooded with variegated dangers. The legend creates an image of the impetuous bandit ready teeth to gnaw wellbeing of the leader of clan. The beginner should prove actions devotion to predatory ideals of the employer.

6.3 455

Power Rangers

Five ordinary seniors learn that they their small city Angel Grove and the whole world are on the verge of destruction by alien threat. Our heroes elected by destiny quickly understand that they only who can save the planet.

6.0 86429

War Machine

The general Stanley Makkristal — an odious figure in the history of anti-terrorist operations of the USA. Rapid take-off and early resignation because of the scandalous article Rolling Stone in 2010 became one of the events which are most discussed on the political sidelines, having caused the mass of rumors and the assumptions. The movie is based on the documentary book by the reporter Michael Hastings and devoted to the Afghan period in military career of Makkristal.

6.0 31917

The Glass Castle

The girl grows in a dysfunctional family of nonconformists nomads. Her mother is an excentric actress, and the father — the alcoholic. Parents try to give hope to her children's imagination somehow to distract attention from poverty.

7.1 19863

What Happened to Monday

In the world where it is authorized to married couples to have only one child, seven sisters twins are born. Parents decide to keep all and name babies in honor of days of the week. So girls also appear in public — everyone in the day. But once Monday vanishes …

6.9 74287


The Mirando corporation has created unusual pigs and has distributed them to farmers worldwide. For ten years the huge experimental pig of Okcha was the best friend of the girl Mi-dzha, they peacefully lived in South Korean mountains and cared about each other. But in one awful day idyllic life of friends was interrupted — the corporation has taken away the property. At the bitchy general head mistress Lucie Mirando, not the most humane, plans for an unusual animal. Of course, the brave girl won't leave the friend in trouble, and Mi-dzha goes to save Okchu, but the world is much more mad, than she could imagine.

7.3 65310

Alien: Covenant

During inspection of the remote planet located on other side of the galaxy, the crew of the colonial Precept ship finds out that the fact that they have initially taken for novel paradise, actually — the dark and dangerous world. Its only inhabitant — the synthetic android David who has survived after the fateful forwarding mission Prometheus.

6.4 211312

Hollywood Dirt

Hollywood rushes into a quiet town of Quincy where there live prosperous southerners for shooting how there business developed. Sammer Jenkins who is considered a derelict among conservative residents helps cinematographers with the organization of shooting and accidentally gets on eyes to the producer and the leading man, Cole who decides to risk and take it for the leading female role.

6.3 544

The Shape of Water

Action is developed at the beginning of the 60th the last century. The main character — the mute cleaner in scientific laboratory. In confidential institution there is a work on studying of the caught amphibian person. The woman falls in love in a mutant and helps him to run away.

7.4 258879

Breakable You

The Broadway playwright unexpectedly finds the lost manuscript of the dead friend. Without thinking twice, he decides to give his work for the.

5.3 160


At the beginning of the 60th, during the Second Vatican council, the young novice very much tries to cope with belief problems, with changes in church and with own sexuality.

6.6 2517

Last Flag Flying

30 years later after service in Vietnam the former doctor of naval infantry Larry "Dok" Shepherd meets old friends and colleagues, Sal Nilon and the Reverend Richard Müller again to bury the son — the naval infantryman killed in the war in Iraq.

6.9 16233

I, Tonya

It was necessary to the American figure skater Tonja Harding hardly: at first the heavy childhood with terrible mother, then heavy youth, early marriage with the easy rider and failures at competitions because of the estimates underestimated by judges. And then there was a scandal: during the major competitions the idea to intimidate the competitor goes not according to the plan …

7.5 115021

Class Rank

Class Rank - the American romantic comedy movie of 2017 of the director Eric Stolts is also written by Benjamin Augustus. Movie stars Olivia Holt, Skylar Gizondo, Bruce Dern, Sean Kavano, Christine Chenovet and Cathleen Chaltant. The movie has received world a premiere at the Film festival in Newport Beach on April 21, 2017.

6.3 639

Born Guilty

Martie is the creative director. He has a magnificent work and the delightful girl. In total nothing, only life is saddened by mother living one in New York. Unmarried Judith believes that she is necessary to nobody, even to the son. She calls him at any time to share a grief. Having decided that from him it is enough, Martie convinces the companion, the hopeless optimist, to flirt with mother.

3.9 106

Wonder Wheel

Before becoming the Wonderful Female, she was Diana — the princess of amazons trained to be an invincible warrior. And when on coast of the paradise island protected from the outside world which served her as the homeland the American pilot is wrecked and tells about the serious conflict storming in the outside world, Diana leaves the house to cope with this threat. And there, battling side by side against the person in war for the world, Diana will find all completeness of the power … and the real destination.

6.2 16574

Bon Cop Bad Cop 2

Eight years have passed since police officers Martin Ward and David Buchard cooperated to solve a series of cruel murders. Two absolutely unlike people nevertheless remained friends, but already a year don't keep in contact. But when swindlers without shame and conscience have begun to hijack cars, old workmates have understood that it is time for them to unite the forces and to catch bandits.

6.7 2943

Song to Song

History of four young people and total energy of the people who have played in the tangled relations during the Texas rock festival in Austin. To Biwa and Fay — talented composers and rock artists, and Cook — the wealthy media mogul who has enticed in the networks the charming waitress from local cafe. Each of them passes in a pursuit of success and true love through temptations and treacheries — and all under rock'n'roll rhythms.

5.7 14170

Fifty Shades Darker

While Christian Grey struggles with the internal demons, Anasteysha Steel is forced to resist to anger and envy of those women that were with Christian to her.

4.6 75710

Beauty and the Beast

The angered Magician has turned prince Adam into a disgusting monster for the fact that that was evil, vainglorious and rough. To remove charms from itself and servants of the lock, it needs to learn to be kind, to love and be darling. It has to occur before from the rose presented by the Magician the last petal falls.
In the far small village there lives a beautiful girl by the name of Böll. Once her father Maurice goes to a fair, but on the road goes astray. Having appeared in the bewitched lock, he becomes captive Chudovishcha. Böll hurries to the father to the aid.

7.2 218905

Call Me by Your Name

1983, Italy. Elio seventeen, and this summer he will see off on a country house at parents, the American professor and the Italian translator. The young man since the childhood well-read and inquisitive, dilutes with Elio ordinary summer occupations like bathing in the sea and lazy flirtation with the girlfriend Martion reading and transcription of classical music. One day, however, the serenity of summer holiday breaks Oliver's arrival — the young American scientist, the assistant father Elio.

8.0 128839

The Wizard of Lies

Berney Madoff's history — the businessman who has constructed the world's largest financial pyramid and has disguised her under investment fund. Madoff has been sentenced to 150 years of imprisonment, and his illegal activity has turned back accident for all family.

6.8 17189

Spider-Man: Homecoming

After the historical meeting with the team of Avengers Peter Parker comes back home, trying to begin to live usual life under the care of the aunt Mai. But now for Peter looks still for something … Tony Starck saw the Spiderman in business and has to become his mentor. When the new villain Stervyatnik threatens to destroy everything that is expensive to Peter, time to prove everything what it is the real superhero comes.

7.5 364678

Brawl in Cell Block 99

The former boxer and the drug dealer Bradley Thomas tried to give up the criminal past, but it has dragged it back. He with accomplices was taken red-handed and has gone to prison for 7 years. And all this so at the wrong time, the wife is pregnant with the long-awaited daughter, and here the unclear type comes on a svidanka and, blackmailing with not born child, Bradley orders to kill the high security concluded in the block 99 of prison.

7.1 37989

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

The captain Jack Sparrow who has exhausted the good luck finds out that his old enemy, the awful captain Salazar and his illusive pirates hunts for him. They have just run away from the Devil triangle and intend to destroy all pirates, including Jack. Only the powerful artifact — a trident of Poseidon who grants to the owner complete control over the seas will help to escape.

6.6 209483

Mrs. Hyde

Madam Zhekil is an excentric teacher who in a penny is put by neither colleagues, nor pupils. Once in storm night the lightning gets in it, and this incident extremely changes the heroine. In mild madam devil Mrs. Hyde wakens. Imperious and dangerous to people around, she lives in madam Zhekil and waits for an opportunity to revenge the offenders.

5.4 635

The Man Who Invented Christmas

After series of professional failures the young writer Charles Dickens decides to write also on own means to release "Christmas Carol".

7.0 5674

The Shack

Mystical events take place in the fate of the main character enduring the tragedy. He receives the personal invitation to meet with God in very lonely place …

6.3 23497

The Fate of the Furious

Fasten belts — the race continues. Havana, Berlin, New York — for the coolest team in the world aren't present anything impossible, they together yet. But when on their way there will be one of the most beautiful women on the planet and in combination the queen of cyber crime, dear friends will disperse.

6.7 168654

The Death of Stalin

USSR, 1953. The country trembles with fear of one person. On March 5 the Secretary general has died. When the great leader leaves, there comes time of race for power. The race has begun!

7.2 48837

The Farthest

The documentary about one of the greatest achievements and the most successful scientific project of mankind — start of two spacecrafts — "Voyager-1" and "Voyager-2". 40 years "Voyagers" continue to fly and transfer data of the scientific observations to the native planet. "Voyager: further planets" is a two-hour travel along a route of "Voyagers" — to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranium, the Neptune further, to borders of Solar system. Both devices bear on themselves gold disks with the message to aliens — in case "Voyagers" suddenly should face them on the way. The story about the discoveries made by a mission in the movie alternates history of creation of a disk message — what information was chosen by people of Earth of 1977 to send to possible neighbors in the Universe? Meanwhile, while you read this paragraph, "Voyager-1" has managed to fly by 500 more kilometers — in novel.

8.1 2297


The young American Jennifer spends days off with the married French boyfriend in the lonely comfortable house with the pool. Suddenly ahead of time two his friends with whom he has agreed are declared there to hunt during a week-end. The girl should behave more modestly in the presence of unfamiliar men, but wishing to kindle passion of the lover, Jennifer slightly makes advances to his friend.

6.3 18438

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